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The norm has been for hundreds of slum children and migrant workers children to be left to wander the streets, often begging and rag picking. They are potential victims of exploitation and abuse. There are also hundreds of children working as daily labourers. Many children have tended to drop out of school. For all these children, we see Education as the key to opening up the possibility of a better and safe future. Working through community involvement and participation, these problems have been significantly reduced in our area by:
Basic literacy classes for the wholly illiterate
Our aim is to bring up their educational standards as quickly as possible so that they can be re-integrated into school. We work closely with the local schools.
        Wholly illiterate children learning
Migrant workers children - Literacy programme:
Itinerant workers are usually shunned and many of their children doomed, like their parents, to illiteracy. With children who have had some past education, we assist them in getting into local schools. For those with no education, we run literacy classes. These are often conducted in the temporary shanty towns where these children live, usually with the active support and involvement of their migrant worker parents. Again the aim is to get the children into formal education if possible. Our work also helps by encouraging these children to socialise with the local community. This aspect of our work is very fluid, with families often moving and leaving at short notice. Nevertheless it is very valuable - currently we have over 250 itinerant workers children admitted into formal education.
Homework Clubs
Presently we are running several clubs from a various premises - usually schools or other community premises. Some take place before school, others after. These and other additional tutoring initiatives, help the children cope with school and achieve to the best of their abilities.
                                Homework club
Support with Educational supplies
School going children are supported with uniforms, school bags, books and other learning aids.
                                                                   Wokers children with bags, ready for school
Drop outs back to school
We identify children who have dropped out of schools and try to get them back to school
Study Camps and Educational Visits
We organise study camps and educational outings for children during their holidays.
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